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The Army Martyrs Children Event

Under the patronage of the Army Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun, represented by the Colonels Mahmoud Saab and Ali Shreif , the management of the Lancaster Eden Bay Hotel held the annual ceremony to honor the families and children of the martyrs of the Lebanese army, taking into consideration the Corona pandemic, decided to split the ceremony in two stages for two weeks

On this occasion, several speeches were delivered that emphasized the role of the army and its enthusiasm to preserve the homeland.

The ceremony included a lunch for the army’s martyrs and their families, the stars Moein Shreif and Marwan Chami added a touch of joy to the event

As well a kids entertainment program presented a Christmas show along with gifts distribution to all kids.

​Final preps for welcoming our expats

Final preps for welcoming our expats to our beloved #Lebanon❤️

مؤتمر للجنة مكافحة الكورونا في لانكاستر بلازا

مؤتمر للجنة مكافحة الكورونا في لانكاستر بلازا عقدت لجنة مكافحة الكوروما مؤتمراً في فندق لانكاستر بلازا بيروت بحضور المهندس وسام عاشور و وزير الصحة الدكتور حسن حمد، وزير السياحة الدكتور رمزي المشرفية، وزيرة الاعلام الدكتورة منال عبد الصمد وتم الاتفاق على استقبال المغتربين العائدين من ابناء الوطن في فنادق اللانكاستر.

بمناسبة الاعياد ادارة فندق لانكاستر ايدن باي تقيم احتفالا على شرف ابناء شهداء الجيش

بمناسبة الاعياد المجيدة أقامت إدارة فندق لانكتسر إيدن باي حفل غذاء على شرف أبناء شهداء الجيش اللبناني و ذلك تكريما له و عربون وفاء و تقدير لبطولات الجيش و تضحياته في سبيل الوطن.

و قد القي بهذه المناسبة كلمة من ادارة الفندق و من العقيد ادمون كعدو ممثلا قائد الجيش العماد جوزيف عون .و أحيا الحفل النجم معين شريف و الفنان مروان الشامي، كما و قد تخلل الحفل توزيع الهدايا على أطفال شهداء الجيش اللبناني.

Valentine's eve 2020

Valentine's eve 2020 at Fume Bar - Lancaster Eden bay

Lancs Opening

Opening of the Lancaster Plaza Rooftop:" Lancs"

The Star Dalida khalil at Lancaster Plaza Beirut

It was a pleasure welcoming the Star Dalida khalil at Lancaster Plaza Beirut

Ramadan at Lancaster Plaza Beirut

Ramadan at Lancaster Plaza Beirut restaurants: Rooftop, Daoud Basha and Fume bar Restaurant

Iftar at Seashell

Iftar Ramadan at Seashell - Lancaster Eden Bay

Angie's Kitchen by Lancaster Eden Bay

Lancaster Eden Bay announces the launching of its newest project with Dr. Angie Kassabie, Diet & Makeover Specialist Celebrity Big Brothers, to start a weight loss center and diet kitchen project.

Within the scope of the agreement, Lancaster Eden Bay kitchen prepares daily meals for the project's members in a refined way using high standard food ingredients.

Dr. Angie Kassabie will also be available to welcome patients on appointment to her clinic located at the iconic beachfront Lancaster Eden Bay, Ramlet El Bayda.

We, Lancaster Eden Bay and Dr. Angie Kassabie are looking forward to a long term prosperous collaboration.


Sunday Feb 24

Lancaster Eden Bay presents the star Wadih El Sheikh on Sunday Feb 24 - Lunch at Fume Bar.


Valentine’s Eve 2019

Valentine’s Eve 2019 at Prime 18

Valentine’s Eve 2019

Valentine’s Eve 2019


Under the patronage of the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Avadis Kedian, represented by his first adviser, Mr. Sacco Mardirian, and the presence of Colonel Rabie Tarbieh, the representing of the Army Commander General Joseph Aoun, and the presence of the Commander of the Beirut Fire Brigade, Colonel Mohamed Halabi the representing of the Governor Ziad Chebib.

The Director of Business Development in the Lancaster Hotel chain, Mr. Rami Makhlouf, delivered a welcoming speech in which he stressed that this ceremony is part of the humanitarian initiatives of the hotels and that the selection of the children of the martyrs of the army and the fire brigade is only A token of appreciation for the martyrs of the homeland.

Colonel Tarabieh then delivered a speech of the army commander, who praised the humanitarian gesture and emphasized the patriotism of the organizers and their loyalty to the sacrifices of the military establishment. The stars Moen Shreif, Nay Suleiman and Dana Al Halaby presented an entertainment show along with distributing the gifts for the children.


Eden Bay Opening

The opening of Lancaster Eden Bay was in 2018. On the shores of vibrant Beirut stands this charming hotel as a five-star destination with all its 144 guest rooms gazing over the deep Blue Mediterranean. This luxurious retreat by the sea boasts exquisite accommodation, superior amenities, unmatched hospitality and the exclusivity of your own private community in the city.

Stretching along the sandy white shoreline, in the vicinity of high-end Ramlet El Baida, it is a haven overlooking the tranquility of Beirut’s seafront. Its prime location in the heart of Beirut but shielded from the bustle of the city makes it the perfect getaway that offers families, couples and business guests the best of both worlds.

Eden Bay Opening